We provide Weekly and Bi-Weekly cleaning service in Stapleton

Watch the short video and read a little about us below, then click on the pink button to get started.  Super easy!


Alert:  We currently are only accepting new customers from the Stapleton neighborhood. 

We have performed over 200,000 cleans since 2003.  More than all competitors combined!

Our office staff and every cleaning team is never more than 5 minutes from your home.  If you need us, we are here!

We drive only ALL ELECTRIC NISSAN LEAF cars. The only cleaning service in America to have all electric cars!  Zero Emissions!  

We clean in teams of three, so we are not in your home long.  

Our cleaning process is kid and pet safe!!  

We are insured for $2,000,000 per home that we clean.  Our teams are bonded for $25,000.

We utilize 6 color codes for each area of the house to eliminate cross contamination.

Our technicians complete three months of training and pass two written tests prior to full certification.  (How much training does your neighbor's housekeeper have?)

We clean homes for free for women undergoing treatment for cancer.  Let us know if you have a friend that could use our help.

We donate to all public Stapleton Schools.

We donate to and support all Stapleton School, Stapleton MCA Events, Swim Team and Pools.

The owner lives, works and raises his kids in Stapleton.  Moved here in 2002.