Maid Service & Residential Cleaning

We offer recurring weekly and bi-weekly maid service.  To receive a cleaning proposal,  read a little about us below and with a simple click at the bottom of the page you are on your way to a clean home!  It's super easy, and really fun!

  • Alert:  We currently are only accepting new customers from the Stapleton neighborhood. 

  • We have performed over 200,000 cleans since 2003.  More than all competitors combined!

  • Our office staff and every cleaning team is never more than 5 minutes from your home.  If you need us, we are here!

  • We drive only ALL ELECTRIC NISSAN LEAF cars. The only cleaning service in America to have all electric cars!  Zero Emissions!  

  • We clean in teams of three, so we are not in your home long.  Three highly trained pro's moving expertly through your home.  It's like a cleaning waltz (or polka if your from Sheboygan).  

  • Our cleaning process is kid and pet safe!!  

  • We are insured for $2,000,000 per home that we clean.  Our teams are bonded for $25,000.

  • We utilize 6 color codes for each area of the house to eliminate cross contamination.

  • Our technicians complete three months of training and pass two written tests prior to full certification.  (How much training does your neighbor's housekeeper have?)

  • We clean homes for free for women undergoing treatment for cancer.  Let us know if you have a friend that could use our help.

  • We donate to all public Stapleton Schools.

  • We donate to and support all Stapleton School, Stapleton MCA Events, Swim Team and Pools.

  • The owner lives, works and raises his kids in Stapleton.  Moved here in 2002.   

  • We are not a franchise nor are we looking to become one.

  • We are extremely proud of our business and facility and would be honored to set up a time for you to visit us.  Tours are free.